The new direction board of Sociedade de Instrução Guilherme Cossoul was elected on the 7th of July 2021

The new direction and its operating social branches took their tenure for 2021/2022 . The new direction will continue to promote Cossoul’s cultural offer in its present location at R. Nova da Piedade nº66, in Lisbon, as well as working towards expanding its network and concluding the process of relocating to its designated permanent headquarters. Congratulations to the whole team and best wishes moving forward!

Cossoul’s Team 2021/2022:


Virgínia Barbosa – President and Creative Director
Filipe Luz – Treasury
Rui Ferreira – Associativism and Human Resources
Catarina Braga – Social Solidarity and Research
Ricardo Pereira – Music and Musical Education
Henrique Gomes – Theatre
Raquel Caldeira – Visual Arts

Direction’s Assistance:

Sara Felício – Artefacto Editions and Reverso Festival
Miguel Santos – New Headquarters Coordinator
Gustavo Sequeira – Institutional Relations
Teresa Rouxinol – Radio
Gonçalo Gato – Music

General Committee:

Paulo Tavares – President
Susana Arrais – Vice-president
José Carlos Pontes – Secretary

Audit Comittee:

Rui Magno Pinto – President
António Nunes – Vice-president
Daniel Costa – Secretary


by Voz Online published October 02, 2020

First broadcast of Rádio Voz Online na Cossoul

On October 1st, International Music Day, Voz Online had its first live broadcast from its new premises at Cossoul. For two hours Teresa Rouxinol, Mário Fonseca, Mano Jorge, Carlos Cerqueira, Ana Bela Bento, Susana M. G. Silvério, Miguel Matos, talked about their ongoing projects and two special guests from Cossoul, Gustavo Sequeira, vice-president and Ricardo Pereira, maestro and responsible for the Youth’s Wind Orchestra. The podcast of our the first broadcast is available here.

Voz Online was created 3 years ago, when a few people with great appreciation fro Radio Broadcasting came together with its inception. Along our short journey, some left the project, but still to this day we are a sum of all the influences that crossed our path, be they present or not, along with the new people who have joined the project.

The issues involved in materialising such a project are enormous. Without funding, we had to gather the equipment we all owned: microphones, computers, mixing table, cables, amongs many other things. We learnt to work with techonology, streaming, coding, open source web management, etc. 3 years later we decided it was time for a change. We now have a new logo identity, new webpage, new streaming server and soon we will have our own app.

But to make all of this come together, we needed a physical space where we could broadcast live, welcome guests, record podcasts and perform live music. To get such a venue was always an adventure from the start. As we understood, without that physical space we would not be able to accomplish our vision.

Thanks to our partnership with Cossoul, Voz Online radio will be taking two small rooms within this centenary institution, that constantly reinvents itself with new initiatives. Even though the pandemic has delayed some of our initial ideas we meant to bring to fruition, it is just a delay. Little by little, we are starting with our live broadcasts, as Cossoul is also moving forward with its own initiatives.