Cossoul is a community interest institution, founded on 7 September 1885 by 47 music amateurs and admirers of Guilherme Cossoul, a 19th-century Portuguese composer and cellist. He was also the founder of Lisbon’s voluntary firemen brigade. Early on, Cossoul’s scope of action broadened to other artistic and social areas of intervention and played a key role in the development of the Portuguese Modern Theatre.

Cossoul’s current scope of action includes theatre, literature, visual arts, music, cinema, education and social integration through the arts, fostering various initiatives for all age groups. It hosts an independent publisher, Artefacto, a bookshop, a gallery and exhibitions space and a bar – Bar da Cossoul. In 2015 Colectivo Prisma was created as an autonomous structure, resident at Cossoul, dedicated to merging bridges between literature, theatre and cinema.

In 2016 began the musical project Banda Juvenil Guilherme Cossoul. Through such initiative, Cossoul has assumed an educational stance by promoting beginner and professional courses, while also welcoming and organising diverse cultural events, such as Reverso – Meeting of Artists, Authors and Independent Publishers, that has celebrated its 5th edition in 2019.