Cossoul’s Actors Training Course was conceived as an important learning platform for fundamental performance practices. At this beginner level, our aim is to teach the main tools for an actor’s work, allowing its application in critical, practical and experimental contexts of creative expression.

At the end of this course, the students will present a performance open to the general public, in which they will apply and develop their knowledge and practice learnt throughout the year. In each step of the course, students will be directly supported and oriented by tutors with vast experience in their own artistic fields. Furthermore, there will be specific masterclasses available, complementing the general course, activating not only theoretical knowledge, but also the practical components and self-mastery learnt throughout the course.


– Acquire working tools and research methodologies that assure basic competences in character creation and development, with diverse levels of complexity and satisfactory reactions in different performing contexts with varied public.

– Being able to establish autonomous critical dialog with other artistic expressions in order to integrate the actor’s work in transversal and diversified projects;

– Consolidate the acquired knowledge of the course, developing into more advanced profissional studies.


Pedagogical Coordination: Sara M. Felício

Executive Coordination and Production: Cláudio Henriques

Faculty: Vicente Morais, Fernando Villas-Boas, Sara Afonso, Francesca Bertozzi, Luciana Ribeiro


Acting I – Initiation to the Actor’s Work

Tutor: Vicente Morais (14h) 

Explain and familiarise the students with the diverse endogenous and exogenous tools of the actor’s work.

Theatre History

Tutor: Fernando Villas-Boas (10h) 

Introduction to Theatre History

Voice Techniques

Tutor: Sara Afonso (14h) 

Breathing techniques, control and voice projection.

Body and Movement

Tutor: Francesca Bertozzi (14h) 

Developing body and space awareness. Using the body and space as dramatic tools.

Acting II – Preparation of the Final Exercise

Tutor: Luciana Ribeiro (52h) 

Character building and development of tools for dramatic interpretation.

Preparation of the final exercise for public presentation.

Complementary Training

Tutors: to be confirmed (4h) 

2 masterclasses chosen according to students’ interests and needs.

With the support of: