Iberian-Portu-Mediterranean Mix

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Iberian-Portu-Mediterranean Mix

Gal Tamir & Orian Shukrun


Singer Gal Tamir, born in Israel, has been forming his unique style of musicianship, connecting cultural worlds, mixing languages and musical styles. From popular music and Jazz to folk, classical, cantorial and world music, traveling the world and constantly being inspired and adding and developing more influences. Gal is now based in Lisbon, Portugal, focusing on Iberian originated music traditions working with the Al'Fado ensemble in Portugal and abroad.


Pianist, composer, arranger, and conductor Orian Shukrun has established himself as one of Israel's younger generation's extremely versatile musicians. Combining in his repertoire original works with classical music, jazz standards and world music, as well as and traditional music with a strong "Jewish-Klezmer" influence, his original programming attracts many young and new audiences as well as classical concertgoers. For the last few years, Orian has been invited to perform in a special Jewish Music concert series with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.


The two are now collaborating on stage for the first time, reviving long lost Sefaradi Andalusian music from mediaeval Hebrew/Jewish communities, alongside with more recent music from Portugal, Brazil and Israel.


Join us for an evening of Iberian-Portu-Mediterranean Mix, full of sounds and good vibes.


Gal Tamír - Voice & Guitar

Orian Shukrun - Piano

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